You've just spent some time and effort creating an Insight be it a blog, video, podcast - the next step is to get it out in front of the intended audience. As our Head of Marketing, Sam Page likes to say "Engaging your audience is as simple as sending an email to the people that matter". Nowadays there are a whole plethora of ways to connect with "the people that matter".  I thought it would be worth highlighting a few top tips for sharing your content effectively. 


  • Share Internally - First and foremost share your content with your colleagues, this drives internally knowledge sharing and it is also likely that your insights will be useful for some of their key contacts as well.
  • Send 1-to-1 - Send it to your contacts directly. Clients want timely and expert insight, and it can act as a general outreach or a nudge to action.
  • Share to relevant social networks - This is not a one size fits all so try to communicate to your clients and prospects on the social networks that they are most active on. This might be LinkedIn, but can vary from audience to audience.

Best practise for sharing effectively social networks

  • Profile - Make sure your profile is up to date
  • Explain - Add a few sentences to explain what you are sharing and your audience should take note
  • Tag any relevant people by name to notify them and to access their networks
  • Hashtags - Use and relevant hashtags to get your content in content feeds
  • Image - Include an appropriate image to help your content stand out

An example ;

You can access a full guide here, it has many more tips and goes into a bit more detail on how you can best 'Show what you know'