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Inspiration is everywhere.

Creating content is not easy. The reasons for this typically relate to an underlying sense of the 'imposter syndrome' (which I know I certainly suffer from) - however, we all hold opinions, and when you have experience and advise others in specific areas, those opinions or thoughts hold even more weight once articulated.

When you look through the world as an adviser - there is content and useful advice to give your audience everywhere.

 A report by OfCom found that 64% of Adults consume their daily fix of news through the internet. But it is not just the news that we are reading, there are all sorts of online publications such as Harvard Business Review, Medium, and the Economist. Here, industry developments offer an opportunity for an expert to explain the opportunities and threats for their audience.

These articles don't even have to directly related to your world, in theory, they could be about anything. A great example of this is demonstrated here by Nigel Walsh at Deloitte. The original article was about how Netflix will start cancelling inactive members’ subscriptions, however, Nigel put his own slant on this regarding Insurance, instantly making it relatable to his target audience.

Rather than writing content, it can be helpful to think of viewing and explaining the world through an expert lens.

The President of the United States told Rolling Stone he begins his day with the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. He's a devoted reader of the Times' columnists, and also likes Andrew Sullivan, the New Yorker, and The Atlantic.


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