I came across this video from earlier in the year whereby Chris Angell likens learning how to play the drums successfully, to learning how to become a successful marketer.  

Chris talks about his son going through a real honeymoon phase at school when first picking up the sticks.  However, he didn't fully master how to play them and he argues it is because he wasn't practising a particular song.  His son instead, was learning the separate component parts of the drums but never bringing them together.  This Chris argues, can be likened to learning and practising the different parts within a marketing toolkit. You need a song, a framework, a process to help bring everything together and get the best results.

Taking the analogy further it could be said that the drums and the marketer are the most important parts within a band and or firm.  They set the tone and beat (quite literally!) for others to then thrive, whether it be the lead guitar or vocals in a band or a consultant or lawyer within a firm.

Either way you look at it, there has been quite a bit of time in lockdown to practice.