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Marketers Must Evolve To Incorporate Their Primal Side.

I read Oliver Taylor's first viewpoint in the PM Forums monthly magazine with interest this month as it reiterates a lot of the conversations we are having with professional marketers here at Passle.  

Let's face it, it has been a tough old year in 2020 and there is still more to come.  What has been even tougher is working out a marketing strategy when a lot of the usual tools and plans have been thrown out of the window.  Some of the conversations I have been privy to have highlighted the money saved on travel expenses, event expenses, award ceremonies and more with marketers hopeful that this has led to them building up a larger war chest for 2021.  Whereas, others have told me that they have had great successes without spending any money and therefore the partnership is expectant that this heroic effort for know investment will continue for years to come!

Oliver suggests in his article that whatever the scenario, marketing teams should be tactical, realistic and be human as this will demonstrate value.  He also breaks his 'Go Primal' strategy into the following parts:

Authenticity- There is a great opportunity to showcase authenticity as a fee earner in the current environment with the likes of zoom, social media, insights and blogs, videos and podcasts.  These formats and vehicles can be used to build relationships, understand clients and prospects, showcase the human side and go the extra mile just like many did in the olden times (pre-March 2020!)

Content- We want to be informed by experts with valuable and insightful content on a topic we are interested or involved in.  Oliver suggests that this content should be combined with the fact that in the new landscape we find ourselves in, weirdly the virtual meeting of clients, colleagues and prospects has brought the guard down and meant that interactions have become more relaxed, encouraging the human, togetherness and supportive side.

Reputation- It is so important to keep your reputation alive as a fee earner in the current climate and even more important for up and coming fee earners to showcase their expertise and build one for themselves.

Recommendation- These are the lifeblood for many fee earners and many businesses in general.   Going the extra mile, giving added value and high levels of service whilst retaining the human and authentic element in the current climate will certainly ensure that recommendations keep coming.  Building loyal ambassadors internally and externally is great advice.

Evaluate what is important, don't panic and then see what you have at your disposal.  

Only then can you start to evolve.

We want to be informed by experts with valuable and insightful content on a topic we are interested or involved in.


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