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| 1 minute read

Less is more: 'likes' aren't everything

If there is one key thing I have learnt after my first week at Passle, it’s that the purpose of creating and sharing content as a professional is less about how many likes each post receives but rather who is engaging with them. 

Growing up in a generation where everyone has such an established online presence, I too get caught up in vanity metrics, measuring success by the numbers that accumulate under my posts. It is no different in a professional context: we like the ego boost we get from seeing many people engage with our views. But do these numbers really add value to what we have to say?

So why should you focus on the 'who' instead of the 'how many'? It's simple:

  • Sharing your thought leadership to LinkedIn etc. is a great business development tool. You can demonstrate to potential clients that you are an expert in your field. It's important that your content is reaching the people you want to target.
  • Building strong relationships with existing clients is equally important. If they are engaging with your posts it opens up new discussions and proves you are still very much relevant to them.
  • You can target your posts to the people you want to reach and write about the topics your clients care about. By focussing on the 'who' you can make sure you are staying relevant in your network.

So when writing and sharing posts to your network, think about who it is you want to reach and don't focus on the empty numbers.


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