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Lockdown 3 - an opportunity to create a habit

It's really difficult to feel excited about the third wave of restrictions that are being imposed across the western world but at least this time we know they are going to last a while. Here in the UK, it was announced that we will be in hard lockdown for a minimum of six weeks and very likely a couple of months.

However,  this represents an opportunity that we've not had before. Previously the emphasis has always been on how short-term restrictions would be and it was all quite chaotic and new. This time we know the drill and we know we'll be here for enough time to break or create a habit.

What's more, we also now know that, even after this is "over" the working environment for Professional Services will have changed for good; the FT estimates that law firm office space may be slashed by as much as 50% because of shift to remote working. The old, face-to-face, in the office way of working will not return if 50% of a firm is remote.

And that's a good thing. Not only did the expensive offices come out of Partners pockets, but also the old behaviours were dreadfully inefficient, representing a huge drag on productivity and growth.

So now represents an exceptionally good time to embrace the changes that we have made and create good, efficient habits that can increase our productivity in the long term.

We may as well; there's not much else to do.

The third national lockdown imposed in England to try to deal with the huge increase in Covid-19 cases is likely to remain in place into March at least, with some measures lasting even longer, the government has indicated.

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