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Lewis Silkin Advertising & Marketing Annual Review 2020 - Brinsley Dresden's Top 10 Observations

Lewis Silkin's Advertising & Marketing Annual Review saw excellent speakers highlight the highs and lows of 2020, and what’s coming over the hill in 2021. 

Brinsley Dresden, Head of Advertising & Marketing Law, highlighted his top 10 observations from the webinar on Tuesday, which I recommend reading further here.

Partners Jo Farmer, Geraint Lloyd-Taylor and Bryony Long joined Brinsley on the webinar and provided some brilliant insights and examples of changes to regulations within Ad & Marketing Law. A few of the main highlights I took away were:

Influencer Marketing 

  • Expect tougher restrictions for paid posts and ads
  • More responsibility is likely to fall on advertising platforms rather than influencers
  • Instagram plans to create advertising packages to tackle "hidden advertising"

Social Responsibility 

  • The Black Lives Matter movement has had a lasting effect on advertising
  • Expect new rules to tackle harmful gender stereotypes
  • The Government will launch a major review of gambling law
  • Crackdowns will continue on misleading environmental claims
  • The ASA will take action on 'Buy Now & Pay Later' ads

Tech & Data  

  • Tech providers need to better police age compliance
  • Closer monitoring is planned of YouTube channels particularly those aimed at children
  • Push notifications are now classified as electronic marketing and consent is necessary for using social media for retargeting
  • New AVMS regulations to protect public and children from harmful content
  • An overview of some of the largest data breach fines in 2020

Coming in 2021...

  • Finalised guidance/guidelines from ICO and CMDPB on data and privacy 
  • Regulation of Online Harms will take shape
  • ASA Competitor Complaints Review new rules published 
  • Stricter regulations for gambling ads likely

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