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Why busy professionals write more content with Passle.


The most valuable marketing asset that professional services firms have is their brand. Directly after that is the knowledge of their experts. The difficulty most of these firms have is that fee-earning experts are time poor and difficult to engage with marketing activities like thought leadership.

Yet the busy experts using Passle find it easy, even enjoyable to create authentic and useful content.

The average expert creates 16x more thought leadership with Passle

The question is why is this the case. Whether you are trying to improve your own thought leadership program without Passle or are looking at rolling out the software - the secret to why busy professionals write more content with Passle is here.

Creating content with Passle is extremely quick

The first challenge of a successful thought leadership program is actually getting the content.

Speed is the single most important factor in authors writing content. That is the "secret sauce" behind the curtain at Passle. Passle makes it at least ten times quicker to create and publish content. We looked at the average time to create and publish a post using Passle. Across a network of hundereds of firms and thousands of authors - wefound that...

On average it takes 39 minutes, including authoring, editing, image selection, approval process and publication (even checking stats!) to create a piece of content on Passle.

Creating content this quickly is massively less expensive compared with external content writers but also compared to the potential lost billable time of the busy experts writing the content. 

When content can go from inspiration to publication this quickly - it gets done. A quick publication time frame avoids the holding pattern content can get stuck in meaning content can be used to engage clients and prospects while the idea is still fresh and the enthusiasm strong.

Passle content makes it in front of the people that matter most

The second challenge of a successful thought leadership program is getting that content in front of the people that matter. If you want your thought leadership to be successful and sustainable it must reach the people that count.

Passle has a Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) philosophy so we make it as easy as possible for you to deliver your content to your key markets while avoiding the pitfalls of duplicate content.

Built into the Passle system are some key distribution capabilities that enable your thought leadership to power all your engagements with the market online - letting your authentic and valuable expertise lead the discussion with clients and prospects. These capabilities include:

  • Integration with third party legal publishing platforms
  • Best in class SEO performance kept consistently up to date across the network
  • 100 million+ high quality Getty images
  • One click sharing to LinkedIn, Twitter etc
  • Employee advocacy capacity to unlock the network of your firm
  • Automated, audience preference driven email digests
  • One to one email sharing

Authors using Passle know the impact of their content

The final hurdle of successful thought leadership programs is feedback.

An author who creates a post once will not create a second post unless they understand the positive impact of their first. Once authors have created a post they need to know not just the surface level information about reads, views etc - they need to know if it is useful for their business.

A Passle author is able to check how their post is doing on their phone, seeing which of their clients or prospect firms are interacting with their content.

Passle provides detailed statistics on the impact of a post. This often includes a list of the firms that are reading the content. This ‘who read what’ intent data is fed directly to the authors & BD teams.


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