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CMO Series Podcast EP 7 - Eva Wisnik on the state of the talent market in Professional Services Marketing & Business Development

In this episode of the CMO series, Sam Page is joined by Eva Wisnik, Author & Founder of Wisnik Career Enterprises ( to discuss the state of the talent market for Marketing & Business Development in Professional Services.

Wisnik are THE go-to talent firm in the Legal Marketing & Business Development space having worked with 86 of the AmLaw 100 firms nationwide and having placed over 1,000 professionals in the last 25 years.

Sam & Eva cover the following in their chat:

  • In terms of the talent market for marketing and Business Development in professional services, what are you seeing at the moment?
  • What skills are most in-demand for firms at the moment? What can candidates do to demonstrate they have those in-demand skills?
  • We’re going through a “back to the office” transition where people are considering their current positions. What are you recommending to leaders do to retain their best talent and help them?
  • What would be your one piece of advice to those looking to position themselves for success in the talent market?

Enjoy listening and thank you Eva!

"There is an absolute talent shortage in the Marketing and BD space in law firms... It is hard to fill jobs just now... " Eva Wisnik, Author & Founder of Wisnik Career Enterprises


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