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PM Forum 2021 - Resolving the alignment gap with Leor Franks

In professional services firms, there can sometimes be dissonance in what the business 'wants' from the BD and Marketing function and what they 'need'. Leor Franks, Business Development & Marketing Director at Kingsley Napley, shared some of his top tips on how to close the gap and find the key to success - alignment. Leor talked through his process;

1) Clarify Goals - The goals of the business need to be clear. They might need refreshing or updating. Everyone needs to be aligned so if goals are not obvious then they need to be made front and centre. 

2) Understand Wants - Conduct research into the wants of the business, and this can be done in several ways - In person, one to one with key stakeholders or at a larger scale with questionnaires etc. Speak to your people and find out what they think they need. Leor stressed to always listen, and have the confidence to push back on things when the cost/risk/benefit is not justified, but also to not be afraid to let a few things slide if the cost/risk/benefit is low!

3) Identify Needs - As mentioned the biggest problem is when there is a difference between what the business wants and what it needs, so spent some time working out the actual needs of the business?  For this, you can look to the market, or your clients - What do they say that they would like from you? 

4) Check-in Regularly  - Things will evolve, so check in with folk regularly, and if needed, update, iterate and refine your goals and processes.  

the biggest problem is when there is a difference between what the business wants and what it needs


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