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Nov 5th is Love Your Lawyer Day!

In the UK Nov 5th is famous for an attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament but apparently, it is also 'Love your Lawyer Day'!

At Passle I have found the lawyers I work with to be kind, intelligent, and have a deep desire to help and to solve the problems and challenges of their clients.  Our own lawyers in the firms we have worked in have been instrumental in our success.

Law firms are not always the fastest moving, most innovative firms but they have many people within them who are extremely innovative, very hard-working, truly creative, and passionate about what they do.  One of my clients is celebrating 300 years in business next year.  You do not last 300 years in business unless you are doing something right!  That is proper resilience and they are not alone in their centuries of looking after businesses like ours and yours.

So Happy Lawyer Day!  But can also say let's use this opportunity to celebrate all the people who work in law firms solving problems, advising us when we are most in need, and helping us run better businesses - not just the Fee Earners but also the Fee Enablers - Business Development, Marketing, Communications, Pitch teams, Knowledge teams, Trainers and all the others that make sure the wheels turn.

Even before Shakespeare, lawyers have routinely gotten a bad rap for the kind of work that they do. Opined as the sum of all evils, and often the subject of some very unflattering metaphors, over time, lawyers have become the butt of some of the most well-known jokes around. But lawyers also serve some very important purposes. At their best, lawyers are helpful and useful to society at large. Thatโ€™s why Love Your Lawyer Day was created!


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