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CMO Series EP19 - Kalisha Crawford of Ropers Majeski on making data work for your firm

In this episode of the CMO series, Alistair Bone of Passle is joined by Kalisha Crawford of Ropers Majeski to discuss the challenges of making data work for your firm.

Despite the importance of data and its availability for legal marketers, there isn't a clear best practice on how to leverage data to add value to the wider firm. Yet. 

Someone who is focusing on the value of data and how to get the most value from theirs is Kalisha Crawford, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Ropers Majeski.

Ali and Kalisha explore:  

  • How to tackle the potential for data to be an overwhelming and complicated challenge for CMOs
  • How to identify what data is relevant to input into the firm's strategy
  • The priority areas for law firms where data can add the most value
  • How do you make data work for the firm with incomplete or less than perfect data
  • What skills and knowledge CMOs need to make effective use of their data


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