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CMO Series EP23 - Laura Nicholls of Ashurst on what it takes to build a great career in legal business development

Business development is a relatively new career path. Knowing exactly how to build a career and what is best practice for establishing yourself in the industry is not easy for business development professionals at any stage of their career.

In this episode of the CMO Series Podcast, Will Eke is thrilled to be joined by Laura Nicholls, Chief Business Development Officer at Ashurst, to discuss what it takes to build a great career in legal business development.

Will and Laura cover:

  • How Laura came to her career in business development, and what it was that drew her to the legal industry
  • Whether the decision to build a career in legal business development was a conscious one and if being more deliberate about career choices is something that other BD professionals could benefit from
  • The roadmap for career progression in legal business development and what BD professionals can do to advance their careers
  • The best ways to learn the skills and knowledge that you need to be effective in legal business development and the most valuable resources for learning best practice
  • Advice to help aspiring BD professionals get a seat at the table and have an impact with their work
A need for people who really see this as a career and want to see longevity in that career, to be quite strategic and be quite methodical about plotting that career path in the way that you would if you were in the fee earner population within the legal industry.


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