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CMO Series EP24 - Tamara Costa of BLG, on ESG and the role of marketing

Environmental, social and governance considerations are becoming ubiquitous in legal client requirements and RFPs. Firms are finding their own internal policies under scrutiny during the buying process. The position of marketing within the ESG space is not clearly defined, which is why Charles Cousins is lucky to be joined by Tamara Costa, National Director of Brand and Marketing Communications at BLG, on the latest edition of the CMO Series Podcast.

In this episode, Charles and Tamara discuss:

  • What ESG is and what it means for the marketing and growth of law firms
  • The role of the CMO and the wider marketing team in a law firm's ESG initiative
  • What clients are expecting in regards to ESG, and how are BLG responding to those requirements
  • How to create a culture where everyone understands the firm's ESG values and can communicate them effectively
  • How firms are responding to ESG requirements and the challenges they face
  • How CMOs & legal marketers can respond effectively to ESG challenges


Those firms who do challenge these embedded assumptions and find a way to navigate the complex change and focus on innovation, and really live their values, will stand out...


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