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8 Ways Passle Puts You First on Your Path To Becoming Partner

Passle makes thought leadership easy for lawyers, but what does that mean for someone who is a current or aspiring partner in a law firm? 

I am so glad you asked...

Here are 8 ways in which Passle helps you as a fee earner or a rainmaker.

  1. Establish legitimacy: Passle helps to establish legitimacy by giving you your own place to publish your thoughts. You do not have to wait for someone else in the news or the public eye to take note of the work you are doing. In addition, the content you create can be found on the web which also boosts legitimacy.
  2. Generate revenue: Passle can help you generate revenue in some innovative ways. You can create targeted posts with client intake forms to capture leads from the content you create.
  3. Win new business: The SEO functionality and bio pages that we create for all of the users on the platform means that your content will be high ranking on Google and that interested people can go directly to your bio page to get in contact with you.
  4. Engage with your most challenging (lucrative) clients directly: In the olden days, lawyers would read the paper, find an article they liked, and have the secretary Xerox a copy so they could handwrite some relevant notes on it. Once that was done, the secretary was tasked with faxing, or postmarking this message to the client. Not only was this time-intensive, but it was also time-delayed, making it a personable, but often ill-fitting approach to connecting with clients. Our ISTATOY (I saw this and thought of you) feature allows you to share a piece of content immediately with someone of interest.
  5. Create rich content in 30 mins or less: The quickness and ease of Passle were designed with you in mind. This is important because associates become partners and partners become more established, higher fee earners, with well-written, accurately researched work. Well established partners can take advantage of Passle’s features, such as the Tweet Picker, to quickly add fresh insights to a topic or subject you have already spoken about. 
  6. Increase your networking and marketability: Becoming more active and visible online will increase your networking on sites like LinkedIn and in other places as well.
  7. Deliver enhanced services to your clients: Passle makes it easier to deliver enhanced services to all of your clients. In addition to ISTATOY, we also have Client Connect which is our revolutionary approach to newsletters.
  8. Cast a wider spotlight and visibility on yourself: Passle allows you to gain visibility in the publish eye regarding your opinions on relevant legal matters of today.

For more information on how Passle can help you further cement yourself as a thought leader, check out the podcast in this post from our own Cam Dobinson with Jennifer Griffin Scotton, Director of Marketing and BD at Brooks Pierce. The topic -- breaking assumptions in marketing and business development for lawyers.


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