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CMO Series EP49 - Murray Coffey on building the next generation of successful legal professionals

Lawyers are changing. The next generation of partners have a different set of backgrounds, motivations and criteria for success than those of their predecessors.

We’re lucky to be joined by someone who has seen those generational differences up close. We welcome Murray Coffey, former Chief Marketing Officer at Haynes and Boone, LLP to the CMO Series to talk about adapting to and preparing the next generation of legal professionals.

Murray joins Charles Cousins, to explore:

  • Murray’s professional journey and the moment he realised that different generations of lawyers are distinct from one another
  • What these generational differences mean for the future success of law firms and marketing and BD functions
  • The differences, in practice, Murray is seeing from the next cohort of lawyers and what firms should be doing to prepare them for success
  • Whether the next generation of lawyers are more or less likely to understand and value marketing initiatives
  • How firms will know if they are building the next generation of successful legal professionals
  • Advice to others preparing their firms and their next generation of lawyers for success


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