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The digital marketing landscape for law firms | Insiders Club webinar

For the past 5 years, we’ve analysed the digital performance of the top law firms in terms of their marketing. This involves counting thought leadership articles, tabulating social media followings and activity, and even looking at the amount of branded search traffic that firms are getting. 

This year our research looked at 400 firms, the top 200 firms in the UK and in the US, and assessed a range of metrics, from thought leadership published to branded Google Search. 

Our Marketing Director, Sam Page, will be sharing these findings with you in our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 24 August at 3pm BST

You’ll be invited to join the conversation and get your questions answered in this discussion-led session. 

Join us as we discuss:

👉 Current trends and state of the legal thought leadership landscape

👉 How to benchmark your firm’s performance

👉 What successful firms are doing differently and what other firms can learn

Come and join the conversation, register for free here


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