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If you are not a fee earner at a law firm should you create content?

Law firms are divided.  There are the fee earners - the lawyers - and the fee enablers - those that make it possible for the lawyers to earn fees - ie business services, marketing and comms, business development etc. 

Law firms have traditionally focused on the fee earners creating all their online content (even when actually written by someone else).  Indeed here at Passle we thoroughly recommend that they write useful, timely, client-relevant content as it will drive positive outcomes for their businesses.  However creating content is also an opportunity for those on the fee enabler side (business services side) of law firms. They too can showcase their expertise, drive business goals and further their careers.

Recently an Australian legal professional named Sam Burrett has kept turning up in my LinkedIn feed with beneficial advice for lawyers who want to improve their personal brand and drive growth via their digital presence.

Sam works for a law firm but he is not a lawyer.  He manages key client relationships at Clayton Utz, a leading Australian law firm. He has very effectively made his voice heard and has built a strong reputation as a growth strategy expert - exploring personal branding and business growth in the digital economy.  He has used this presence to drive business at his law firm.

As an experiment, Sam committed to writing online every day for 5 weeks. As a result, he attributes 18 meetings from people reaching out to him. This has created business opportunities for his firm and personal career opportunities for him.

Check out Sam's posts...

I committed to writing online everyday 5 weeks ago. Here are my results: - 85% adherence - 327,702 content impressions (🤯) - 18 meetings from people reaching out But the best bits happened beyond the numbers... Sam Burrett, Manager, Clayton Utz


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