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Headless architecture. Why it’s becoming the new normal (even in Professional Services)

Jasvent Singh from Accenture wrote in November 2020 about how Headless Architecture was replacing the "monolith commerce systems" in e-commerce and delivering a level of agility that was not possible previously. The same benefits are available to Professional Services firms. 

The key advantages he identifies are that the headless approach delivers the opportunity to use "best-of-breed" platforms with the components that are needed to achieve your specific goals. 

This in turn enables you to be agile because it is possible to change parts of the service without needing to re-deploy the whole. "Is it possible to change parts of your digital application easily? For example, change the search engine only."

The headless architecture enables a firm to use the services they need, in the way they wish to use them, on a subscription basis with all the components hosted in the cloud. APIs are used to bring these together into a unique offering, without needing to build from the ground up or reverse engineer functionality. This enormously reduces the build cost and project risk.

E-commerce led the way with the API-first use of services but the advantages that are commonplace for them are now available in many other fields, including Professional Services Marketing. Not only will this save time and money, it will also enable firms to break the endless cycle of "rebuilding the website". As Jasvent puts it:

"To stay ahead of the competition, agility and adaptability are a must."

It offers you the opportunity to use ‘best of breed’ platforms specialized in their functions (for example, Commerce, CMS, Search, Payment, Customers, PIM, Media management). Headless architecture also gives you the flexibility to choose the way you want to build your front-end for your sales channels, as opposed to only using the front-end technology provided by your commerce or CMS platform.


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