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Demonstrating social value and why you should care

For professional service firms, being able to demonstrate an authentic approach to ESG could be the difference between winning and losing when it comes to retaining talent and building client relationships.

So how can firms go about communicating their ESG values and social impact? One way is through meaningful thought leadership and leveraging their digital presence. This can be led by the marketing and business development teams.

When your employees understand your strategy and truly advocate for the values of your firm, it strengthens that message to your clients and prospects.

To help firms successfully communicate their social values to both internal and external audiences, they should consider these four pillars when developing a thought-leadership program:

  1. Author-centric publication: Empower authors to create content in an easy and well-understood way

  2. Governance: Implement quick and efficient approvals processes for all content

  3. Create Once, Publish Everywhere: Guarantee your published content reaches the audiences that matter

  4. Feedback: Provide feedback to each of the stakeholders - and, in particular, to the authors who must see the value of creating content

Read the full article published in PSMG’s latest edition of Centrum, where we delve into how leading CMOs are approaching ESG, as well as what firms can do to provide a platform for communicating their social value at scale.

By focusing on these success factors, firms of all sizes can expect to see an almost overnight transformation of their online presence - delivering a steady stream of useful, timely content that establishes the firm as the market leader.

“Those firms who do challenge these embedded assumptions and find a way to navigate the complex change and focus on innovation, and really live their values, will stand out.”


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