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Harness the Power of Video Content to Thrive in the Evolving B2B Content Marketing Landscape

In the ever-changing B2B content marketing landscape, content formats such as blog posts, PDFs, podcasts, and videos are all becoming accepted forms of communication between firms and their clients and prospects. But, a recent study conducted by Allego has revealed just how impactful videos can be compared to other content formats, and how they are being used to great effect to engage clients and prospects.

The study found that when shared externally, videos are viewed 236% more than other formats, and that they have a 12% higher rate of being opened. Content recipients also engaged with videos three times more than they did with static text-based content. What’s more, personal videos (those created and shared by the same author) are viewed 3.6 times more than non-personal videos.

Interestingly, shorter videos seemed to garner the highest completion rate. Videos under 1 minute had a completion rate of 66%, while videos 1 to 4 minutes long had a completion rate of 71%. However, videos longer than one hour had a completion rate of just 36%.

In addition to their ability to humanise a firm's offerings and provide an outlet for individual, authentic experts to share their voice online, videos can also be used to shorten purchase cycles and boost client relationships.

Overall, video content is a very effective means of catching and holding a prospect’s attention, whilst building and deepening the relationship between firm and client. Marketing teams in professional services should consider integrating video into their content strategy and pipeline for 2023, to take their content to the next level.

Short and personal videos can enhance communications with prospects, building connection and trust, ultimately leading to more sales.


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