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ChatGPT & Passle: Calling on Curious Minds!

We have an exciting opportunity for you if you would like to be involved in our AI beta testing group. This will give you access to the most innovative developments in Professional Services marketing for at least a decade (and be credited for our thoughts as a member of our Beta Program). We are keen to collect feedback on the use cases listed below to make sure our interpretations of where ChatGPT can offer value to the thought leadership process are indeed consistent with your experiences. 

Having tested ChatGPT in the context of developing thought leadership we believe that rather than using it to be solely responsible for publishing topical content, it becomes a far more additive process as an assistant to utilize the tool for things like: 

  • Organizing your thoughts 
  • Providing initial drafts/content suggestions 
  • Scanning source materials & factual documenting 
  • Sourcing and/or developing imagery for your content 
  • Assisting with sharing your thought leadership effectively

Please fill out the form below if you would like to get involved with testing & sharing your feedback. We will provide further details about the next steps and an overview of how to start using Passle's ChatGPT beta environment. 


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