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Hassans rollout textbook adoption of Passle with support from Client Success

We've been fortunate to work closely with Hassans since February 2020, when they trialled Passle through 5-week Proof of Value resulting in 89 insights published by a small pilot group of authors.

Since joining Passle, Hassans Law Firm has amassed over 500 insights, which have garnered more than 77,500 views. Their content has also attracted over 4,000 profile views and generated around 17,000 social referrals. It's fantastic to see the engagement and impact they've achieved with their thought leadership. They now have 57 active authors contributing to their insightful content, showcasing their dedication to sharing valuable information within the legal industry.

Recently, have begun implementing Passle Enterprise to bring the efficiency and power of Passle more widely across the firm and more seamlessly throughout their digital presence.

The success of Hassans in adopting Passle is in no small part due to the dedication and skill of their internal team. We asked Catherine Knock, Head of Marketing Communications at Hassans what adopting Passle was like:

No law firm is ever easy to sell anything into. You've then got this huge challenge once you have managed to sell a product into a law firm. The adoption and the takeup. We adopted Passle three years ago during COVID. 

Without the handholding of the Passle team of Sarah and Eugene, the constant motivation for me as the lead on the project internally, motivation for the lawyers and the tools and the suggestions and the tips, I don't think we would have flown quite as high as we did. 

It's been so appreciated.

We're proud to have played a role in supporting Hassans on their Passle journey, and we're excited to continue empowering their marketing efforts. 


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