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Looking back on CMO Series Live 2023 and forward to 2024

Earlier this year, marketers, business development professionals and leading technology vendors came together in London for the inaugural CMO Series Live conference to push forward best practice and knowledge sharing for professional services marketing.

It was a truly fantastic day to see so many leading marketers come together for discussion, sharing innovative ideas and advice for their peers. The highlights video above captures only a small insight into a tremendous day. 

To see more from the day, including session recordings and summaries, check out the link here

So what's next?

As professional services firms come to rely more heavily on their marketing and business development functions for competitive advantage, it becomes more important for those functions to be able to develop and share best practices.

As we know, this industry has its own unique and challenging set of marketing constraints, and CMO Series Live offered the perfect platform for the best in the business to show the path forward.

So in short, CMO Series Live is set to make a return. Rumours have it, it'll be on new soil... 

Stay tuned!


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