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CMO Series Podcast Special Episode: Live Podcast from LMA Southeast


Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to be invited to LMA Southeast's Annual Conference. What better way to join in the spirit of LMA and drive the knowledge sharing that makes it such a powerful network than bringing a live episode of our own Passle CMO Series Podcast.

This episode of the podcast is brought to you live from that conference and we've chosen a special topic and guest for this CMO Series first.

Join Eleanor Smith, Chief Client Officer at Barnes & Thornburg and Alistair Bone, Vice President at Passle as they take a deep dive into moving your marketing from transactional to strategic. 

We'll cover the key elements of building a more valuable and valued marketing career:

- Being proactive in positioning the firm and its attorneys
- Understanding your clients and communicating challenging concepts to the market
- Using data to drive better outcomes and position marketing as a strategic advisor


e2e, professional services, marketing