Edwin Dearborn is a brand strategist and the author of Power Branding Secrets. He helps entrepreneurs, startups or existing small businesses catapult their brand's awareness. 

1. What are the greatest challenges facing B2B marketing today?

Developing great content that not only engages their target audience, but is also completely synchronized with their sales rep's needs and requirements. I have found that the Marketing Dept and the Sales Dept do not communicate well with each other and have not sync'ed their content and strategies to favor their client's needs.

2. Is content marketing a key part of your strategy? If so, how do you make time for it? If not, why not?

Absolutely! More and more businesses and professionals want to see a body of work to vet you and your brand. Without great content in today's business environment, you simply do not exist. This is why I have written a book, created multiple videos, and have written over 350 blog posts. For my B2B efforts, blogging on LinkedIn has been a key strategy for me to reach my audience with content.

3. What do you think is the biggest error committed by B2B marketers?

The first mistake is to not develop content that is in alignment with the questions, needs and painpoints of their target audience. Their content is random and usually about themselves, versus serving the needs of their clientele. Content will resonate with your audience if it about them and not egocentric.

4. How big a role does social media play in your marketing practice?

For me, social media is important but only in this context: it is a channel in which to share note-worthy content. I consult so many businesses and brands about social media, as they are still confused and frustrated with it. I simply inform them that their communication lines are as valuable as they share good content. This is the key to success in social media.

5. Do you think your role will have significantly changed in ten years' time?

Without question. The only constant in life and business is change. We will see huge changes in how we communicate with mobile and wearable technology. Moreover, we will see schools and even universities adapt how the educate and what they aeducate about as a result of modern technology. The future changes are fantastic.