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Everything you need to know about the revamped Facebook Notes

Facebook notes launched in August, which caused a flurry of premature excitement among B2B marketers. It was premature because only a small fraction of users had access to it, with the rest still using (or rather, still ignoring) the old clunky version.

Now that it's officially rolled out however, here's what you need to know:

  1. It's beautiful, with a design reminiscent of Medium (hint: that's probably because the same design team, Teehan + Lax, had input on both).
  2. You can easily upload pictures and format your post to suit your content, including bullet points and pull-quotes.
  3. You can access it here.
  4. The ideal cover photo size for Facebook notes is 1200 x 445 pixels.
  5. As with a Facebook status, you can control who sees your Note, whether it's public, or only visible to an appropriate segment of your friend's list. This means that if you've not been making the most of the list function to segment your friend's list, now is the time!
  6. You can tag people, pages or groups, by entering @ and starting to type it before selecting it from a drop down menu.
  7. Notes don't seem to automatically appear in the feed, so I would recommend sharing it after it's live. By making your Note public, you can extend your reach beyond your Facebook audience.
  8. Add your notes to your profile by visiting yours. Below your cover photo, hover over 'More' and select 'Manage sections'. Make sure that 'Notes' is ticked.

How can you use it for your business?

  • If you are already sharing extracts of your blogs on platforms such as Linkedin Pulse and Medium with a link back to your original, then you should add Facebook Notes to your roster.
  • Use it as an 'extended CV' to give more information about yourself or your business for interested visitors to your website.
  • Feature a list of all your recent posts on it - you can use Passle's newsletter feature to easily copy and paste them over.

Below is my first attempt at using Facebook notes, it's public if you want to see what it looks like.

Marketing and writing: two things that many authors wish were more separate. Unfortunately for those who are marketing-shy, it’s not really possible to ignore it completely if you want your book to be read. The good news is, you don’t have to sell your morals to do the basics. It doesn’t even have to be all that unpleasant to do. By being more visible online, opportunities will make their way to you with much more ease. (I am speaking as someone who often wastes hours trying to track down contact details for authors, for things like the Saboteur Awards, with varying degrees of difficulty.)


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