With Snapchat’s latest results and the bold example of Marriott Hotels taking with lead with vlog sensations Casey Neistat and Louis Coles earlier this year, is it time to for B2B marketers to utilise Snapchat as part of their content strategy?

Snapchat is a way to share pictures and videos to a mobile community, typically this has been your friendship group however there are growing brands such as Red Bull and Marriott Hotels using the platform through the story functionality. As I write this I am sitting in WeWork and I could imagine it being utilised effectively here.

Although Snapchat is free to use it could consume a lot of your time so you need to find out if your audience is online first. A quick test is whether your audience use other social channels such as Twitter or Instagram, if the answer is yes then you can expect them to also be on Snapchat. Using the aforementioned channels to direct users to your Snapchat channel will be vital.

Once you have decided to give it a go here are a few ideas for your business:

  • Try Q&A’s to engage your audience
  • Use Snapchat’s geo-filters to identify and target local audiences
  • Hold competitions and use the screenshot functionality to measure results
  • Share private and exclusive content
  • Provide special offers that involve screen shots and sharing on other social networks
  • A snapinar can be a great way to engage an audience using graphics

You could do some great things for your brand through Snapchat like creating individual and corporate brands that are likeable. Only 1% of marketers currently use the tool so there is a great opportunity for B2B marketers to differentiate and be successful. Give it a go and be one of the pioneers!