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The technology to finally align sales and marketing is here...

With advances in marketing technology it is now easier than ever to monitor, track progress and make contact with web traffic at the correct moment. When performed successfully, this process will prove universally valuable across most B2B organisations because it finally aligns sales with marketing or for example, lawyers with their business development teams.

I'm convinced in 5 years time most professionals will write a blog on Monday and be constantly updated as to who is reading it, how often they are on your site and recommendations as to who you should make contact with. True automation and clearly defined value.

This is of course a huge step on from simply monitoring web traffic increase/decrease via Google Analytics and providing ad macro feedback.

The technology has now arrived - its adoption is the new challenge.

Large businesses often have marketing teams with traditional event/promotional skills in the decision maker roles.  This is simply a reflection on what has worked for them over the last generation. The challenge therefore is both having the awareness to employ a cutting edge digital team and having trust in their recommendations.  

Small businesses don't have the in-house resources so it often comes down to the expertise of their retained digital company - paying them to write a blog and manage Twitter is an all too easy trap to fall into.

I know the process works because we use it ourselves to great effect. What's interesting is the big software players have built the solution, a few big businesses have bought it, but I am yet to see it adopted successfully at enterprise level end to end.


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