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Brand agencies and law firms

When branding agencies start speaking about law firm brands my heart sinks.  

Yes, we all know a firm's brand has value, and that it is important.  And brand agencies are really very clever in capturing and articulating a brand.

But, time and and again brand agencies struggle to transfer their clever thinking to the legal sector.  

Overture London (note the London) make a stab in The Lawyer.  The main focus seems to be that you have to choose a London agency if you are to do it properly, and one from Shoreditch no less. 

Apparently Google know this, as does Amazon and Facebook. Thank god "every time rubber hits road" law firms don't "know this".

Overture are a terrific firm.  It does some great work for law firms - brochures, annual reviews, video,  brand guidance and even a bit of PR. These all support and reflect a firm's brand, they don't shape it.  But then, of course, every Shoreditch firm knows that. 

Now, you might think your firm’s brand is something of a sideshow – less important than, say, partner recruitment. If you do you are, I’m afraid, a complete idiot. In a sector plagued by service confusion, where clients find it practically impossible to distinguish between dozens of providers all saying the same thing and charging the same – funny, that – successful branding is more, not less, important.


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