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Putting the data horse before the cart

5 Critical Success Factors (CSF) for big data analytics projects from a leading practitioner- HOTELS.COM. 

Analytics are too often the last thing project teams think of. A sort of add-on at the last minute. So a 6th CSF to make that big competitive advantage leap is to plan:-

  1. Who needs new insights- will they all get them?
  2. How best to share these insights with all users?
  3. Where do they need reporting- which devices & locations?
  4. Have we includes self-service analytics?
  5. Does the analytics include write-back to execute decisions as well as make them?

Regarding cost, time and organisational restraints, project leaders should always keep sight of long-term development to build a reliable, efficient and future proof platform which can be embedded in enterprise applications, work flows and work processes

CIOs should start to integrate the analytics processes into everyday business once the platform has been established and first use cases have yielded results. Only when this has become business as usual should IT and data teams address new projects to advance the company’s business even further.


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