Social media platforms offer a great channel for brands to distribute their content to prospective consumers. 

With the rise of these platforms employing algorithms to make the content displayed more relevant and digestible, the barriers to getting content noticed have also risen. 

Instagram's photo cache alone is growing by a staggering 80m each day - rendering their historical approach of displaying content in chronological order untenable. 

Although, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to ignore content marketing, the question remains how to differentiate and get your content noticed?

To help answer this, I find 'The Periodic Table of Content Marketing'  shared by Chris Lake from Econsultancy remarkably helpful, providing a 7 step overview of the key elements of content marketing: 

  1. Strategy - planning and focus are essential!
  2. Format - there are different forms of content you can utilise from articles to videos
  3. Content Type - question what type of content will provide value to your audience
  4. Platform - how do you plan to distribute?
  5. Goals - what does success look like to you? i.e. sales, web traffic, etc.
  6. Metrics - how are you going to measure success?
  7. Sharing Triggers - are you going to include calls to action, emotional responses? 

In order to fully optimise your content, it is important to monitor and analyse success. Question the data and your audience to ensure you are making the most of the work you are putting in. Where necessary, edit, and return to the drawing board if you default on your business objectives.