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2 AI tools for startups on a budget

I've recently encountered two exciting artificial intelligence (AI) projects I'd like to share:

1. Jukedeck

Get AI to design your video soundtracks for you. Pick a length, style, and mood, and in a few minutes, you can download some custom made music. It only costs $0.99 to download (or is free if your company has fewer than 10 employees). I used it for this video.

2. Logojoy

This tool's quite fun for designing a logo product. Pick styles you like, colours, and icons, and Logojoy comes up with options for you, which you can also visualize in situ. The basic version is $20.

Let's face it, neither will replace a professional designer or composer - there's a certain competent flatness to both - but they are still exciting toys, and could be the perfect solution for your project.


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