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Want 50% Responses on Cold Emails? Try Basho but add Authenticity

I was recently with the sales team of a multinational software company to discuss online profile and making the most of their outbound sales efforts. 

The company use a technique called Basho (details and example below) that garnishes a high response rate, mainly due to the highly relevant message.

That said, if an individual is to respond they are likely to do their own homework on you. Most probably heading over to LinkedIn or search a company page for a demonstration of your expertise. 

In addition to the Basho technique I would encourage an up to date hub of relevant content relating to the topic you sell. This will separate you even further from the competition and backup your email with credible information. 

Basho brand. This brand was sold to the makers of Riak and the original training is no longer publicly available, although it is taught to large organizations (like SAP) by Kensei Partners. Their training is good, I’ve been through it. Basho emails work really, really well for high-value solutions (solving big pain). My response rate for Basho emails since 2010 has been greater than 50% Basho Email Template Example Hi xxxxxxxxx, I read with interest the ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’ article in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx around the whole area of xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I thought I would reach out to you. Your sentiments regarding xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (then add your own message, keep it brief) Would it be possible to have a short discussion around your xxxxx strategy and how we could potentially add value to your approach. I look forward to hearing from you either way, Alex


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