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Making the most of Social Media in Insurance and beyond from InsTech London and Passle

We are delighted to be joining InsTech London on 24th April. The event will be presenting some of the leading companies using social media for insurance as well as examining what insurance can learn from those who really know how to use social media in other businesses.

This is your chance to hear from emerging companies and a few of the success stories from recent years including Bought by Many, Port, Curation Corp Digital Fine Print and Insurestreet and social media experts such as Mike Reader (Pick Everard), Nigel Walsh (Deloitte), Daniel Hughes (British Airways) and Adam Elgar (Passle) who have built successful businesses and personal profiles using social media. We will send out more detail on the individual speakers indue course.

Drinks from 5.30pm, event kicks off at 6.00pm and still free. Please register here for the last few places.

What are your social media objectives? Of course we’ve got to drive business value from it, and so I take sort of Andrew Grill‘s definition from IBM of social business, and of social media. So creating networks and building collaborations to tell the stories, but it has to drive a value. So into telling the story, we’ve got to make sure that people see us as perhaps an employer of choice or someone they want to work with, or actually recognising that we do all the things that I’ve talked about. But also we’ve got to try and make sure that people are aware that your average consumer or business owner or executive is aware of the importance that insurance has.


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