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3 steps to help you write more frequently

There seemed to be two types of student at my university. The wafflers and the pen-phobes. 

When faced with a 2,000 word essay, I would hear the wafflers moaning about how they had to cut their essays down by hundreds of words as they just couldn't fit it all in. Tips were exchanged as secretly as they would be on the black market, like "hyphenate the words and white out the hyphen." And in reality, while the threat may have been there, being over the word count wasn't usually punished. So bravo to them...

If, on the other hand like me, you struggled with a word count, there wasn't much you could do to change 20 bullet points into an articulate, engaging piece. And it's something that I still struggle with today. Reading the below article struck a chord with me - I never tried to make writing a habit. 

I've listed the 3 things that I've found most helpful in getting me to post more:

1. Having a deadline event. While it wasn't me that came up with the time of the deadline, I know that our Passle newsletter goes out on a Tuesday and I am committed to contribute. Make your writing part of a team effort and you won't want to let them down.

2. Use the Dictaphone on your mobile. While I may write in bullet points, I definitely don't have a problem talking... Recording your voice is a really great way of getting your thoughts down without lifting a pen. Brilliant if you are writing a Passle post on the move. You can speak your thoughts and come back to them later to edit.

3. Ask for help! And I don't just mean asking your Marketing Manager (which I do frequently!). Set yourself some Google alerts, subscribe to interesting newsletters and see what your networks are discussing online.

And obviously using Passle works wonders as I can spent 10 minutes and not hours sharing my thoughts. 

Whether you're a professional writer trying to meet a deadline or word count target, or you're trying to write that first great novel during the in-between moments of your busy life, you'll know that developing a consistent writing habit matters. But how do you do that when there are so many competing priorities, so many distractions that are constantly vying for your attention and keeping you away from your writing space? Can't you just make writing an essential daily habit like any other in your life, like eating, showering, or exercising?


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