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Top 3 AI Tools for B2B Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is an ever-growing market, and it's easy to focus on the doomsday stories around it. However, some AI can actually be your friend. Here are three AI tools that can simplify your marketing activities, without costing the earth.

1. Lumen5

A recent favourite, Lumen5 transforms your blog posts into videos. All you need to do is input the URL of the blog post you want to transform, select (and edit) key phrases, then choose background images and a soundtrack. It's completely free and pretty painless to use. Below is an example that took me a few minutes to create, based on Jenna's post

2. Jukedeck

For anyone who's struggled to find royalty-free or cheap soundtracks for their videos, there is an AI solution. Pick a length, style, and mood, and in a few minutes, you can download some custom made music. It only costs $0.99 to download (or is free if your company has fewer than 10 employees). I used it for this video.

3. Logojoy

This one is a startup's dream, and can help you design a suitable logo. Pick styles you like, colours, and icons, and Logojoy comes up with options for you, which you can also visualize on various products, to check if it'll be the right fit for you. The basic version is $20.


As a caveat, these tools, nifty as they are, are no substitute for a professional designer or composer - there's a certain competent flatness to them and they are limited in scope. However, they are still exciting solutions, and could be the perfect affordable solution for your project.

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