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3 quick hacks to get more engagement on your LinkedIn profile

  1. Automate less. Or rather, automate thoughtfully. As I wrote earlier, avoiding image previews on link will increase your visibility on the network, as it will seem more likely to be hand-posted. Hack: Don't just share the title and a link - ask a question or give a little more for readers to chew on.
  2. Post link-free original content on the network. Long-ish form posts (rather than articles) will get more attention on the network. Hack: add a link to a related article in the comments.
  3. Upload a native video to LinkedIn. This is currently only available on the mobile app, and isn't rolled out to all users yet, but you can either record or upload a pre-recorded video. Here is my first attempt at one. Hack: Make it an opportunity to share something useful, don't just say 'it's my first LinkedIn video' and then switch off

Of course, these will only work if you have something relevant and interesting to say too, so think carefully about what will best reflect you and your brand before sharing.

You can download our LinkedIn Best Practice Guide here.

Here is my first LinkedIn native video in which I share a quick tip about titles! Look in a comments for a link to a best practice document #blogging


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