Freddy Dobinson's post below explores the importance of getting "Future Leaders" to participate in educating your clients and prospects. 

One of the big barriers to this is frequently the organisation itself preventing younger authors from posting content online. The most frequent reason is fear that the younger authors may say something inappropriate. 

However, our experience, with authors of all ages, is that the approval process is an essential part of the content creation process, not only to cover our backs (although that is of course a positive by-product)  but to encourage authors in their post creation. 

I've always been slightly uncomfortable with the concept of being a "mentor"; it sounds very ancient greek but it is probably the right way to look at the approver's role. The approver sits in judgement on the work of another and clearly can simply "refuse" as much content as they please. However, this would be to miss a huge opportunity, when an author has written a post (especially the first few times) they are desperate for validation and guidance. At this point, the approver can be an extremely powerful guide in helping build the author's confidence. It is also a genuine opportunity to gently guide them toward creating better, more "on-message" posts in future. 

Looked at this way, a swift, positive approval process can be a real asset, not only to your content marketing campaigns but to the team more widely.