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GDPR - the stick or the carrot?

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get people to do something new.  All of you who are presently grappling with GDPR will know what I mean.  Come May 2018 we all have to act in line with the new regulations or we could be in big trouble.

According to the Computer Weekly article referenced below a survey of 900 decision-makers across eight countries by information management company Veritas Technologies found the most popular method used by organisations to drive GDPR compliance change was to add compliance to employee contracts (47%), followed by implementing disciplinary action if the regulation is disobeyed (41%) and educating employees about the benefits (40%).

I was really surprised by this.  Very much learn this or else you will be in breach of your contract.  Lots of stick and not a lot of carrot.

On Friday I was with Dan Connors from Applied Influence Group chatting about carrots and sticks (metaphorically rather than actual carrots or sticks :).  Like everything the solution to changing behaviour is complicated and differs with individuals.  One solution will not fit with everyone (annoyingly).  

I asked for advice and Dan introduced me to two diagrams that really helped.  I thought they might help you too with GDPR implementation and any other behaviour change you are trying to implement. 

The first is Bloom's Taxonomy.  Basically this is about recognising where you are with individuals on their way up this pyramid.  Start at the bottom with telling them about something.  End at the top with them having a clear understanding and the ability to develop their own strategies.  Helpful to know where you think your people are so you can move them.

The other framework Dan introduced me to was the Will/Skill matrix.  Basically this is about working out where your people are and therefore their needs.   It is pretty straight forward and much more about information, guidance and inspiration rather than stick.  

With GDPR it’s probably worth working out, with the resources you have, who fits into which square.  It will be easier to get the best result by targeting actions on groups who fall into one or two of the squares.  The aim is to get them into top right.  This is a great summary of applying the matrix. (Thank you Dan)

We all have the challenge of GDPR compliance.  What I am realising is that there is a lot of help out there for us.  Please do click here to see all the GDPR-related content being created on the Passle network.

As implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) draws closer, 88% of respondents said they planned to use contractual changes, penalties, rewards or educational training to motivate a change of attitude among staff.


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