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Why Aren’t Your Experts Part Of Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is often the basis for any strategic decision making. Understanding in detail where you should compete and what makes you valuably different is absolutely critical to successful marketing.

Almost always, expert people will feature in either the strengths or weaknesses column of a SWOT.

It makes so much sense for the skills and expertise of team members to be seen as a core defining strength and differentiator. These skills are remunerated at a premium and in complex industries such as technology, management consulting or legal services having the right experts involved is the difference between a success and failure.

So if you have identified your experts as a strength - how are you using that strength to help grow your business?

Most businesses involve senior experts at some stage in the sales process. It might be in the creation of Hero Content, it might be in a negotiation capacity or it could be a last attempt to win a bid.

High performing salespeople may even have a rough idea of who they need to be involved at each stage in a sales cycle. Conflict can arise when experts and other staff members see their time being demanded to help meet sales KPI’s.

Very few businesses manage to align marketing, sales and internal expertise in a clear plan to develop profitable relationships with key prospects.


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