I have always worked in Business to Business (B2B) sales.  We call it B2B but really it's not - it's me selling to another person in another firm.  Sometimes it is 2 or 3 people but usually my primary contact is exactly that  - one person.  Over time I have become an expert in my organisation and I  sell to an expert in a target organisation.  Less B2B more E2E - Expert to Expert.

When we market our services I think it is important to remember that and link our online marketing to the way we sell.  One person to another person.  I do not usually quote Passle on my posts but I thought the following slides might be interesting to explain E2E marketing.

Traditional marketing more often than not talk about personas.  These are often ridiculous in their assumptions and generalisations (and in my experience in their sexism but that is a whole other post).  The fact is we do not sell to 'Banking Billy' and 'Insurance Jenny' we sell to individual experts in their field and they need to see us as an expert in ours.

As Brian says 'you're all individuals' - show it!

Not this...

But this - because we are all individuals!