Here at Passle, we talk about Content Marketing day in and day out. We think of content marketing as 'show what you know to drive people to see what you do'.  

I read the following 'mistakes of content marketing' the other day and although this blog was written a while ago the following summary stays true - it is not all about SEO and it is all about having a strategy.

Without fail the biggest mistake I see is when is when an organisation has no plan - no content strategy. Just getting content created without a plan is a sure fire way to achieve failure. This seems obvious but it surprises me how often it occurs.

What I would add is that in 2018 content is now key to sales enablement - moving the needle, turning the dial or however else you want to refer to achieving higher growth.  Don't just create content - make it count.

Empowering people in your firm to create content is not enough. There needs to be a bigger strategy with specific personal goals and measurable wins for the creator. Content and leveraging content (sharing in a strategic way) should be part of the sales enablement strategy you have.

As an example - I was on a call last week where a senior commercial executive said 'I do not do social or share content.' I was tempted to ask if he also did not 'do' phones or 'do' meeting people to influence them - I was on mute which was probably just as well. I was however reminded of colleagues of mine in 1995 who said they would not do email. There are all sorts of ways to influence and it is probably worth using them all.

Here is the list of 8 content marketing mistakes listed by Inbound Rocket in no particular order:

#1 Thinking it’s all about SEO

#2 No content marketing strategy

#3 Wasting content opportunities by not converting

#4 Marketing to everyone and anyone

#5 Not knowing what’s working

#6 Not promoting your content

#7 Not using the power of stories

#8 Not diversifying your content