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The gap is closing between sales & marketing in B2B.

Marketing and sales teams in an enterprise B2B space must do three things well.

  1. Establish a relevant and compelling value proposition
  2. Differentiate themselves from the competition
  3. Overcome objections and blockers to a sale

Distance from the customer, a sophisticated product and a non-linear sales cycle add additional challenges for enterprise B2B marketing and sales teams.

No single function has the answer, sales have the customer access and trust, marketing has the mandate and the operations team has the subject matter expertise.

So how to best get these teams working together to drive growth?

The answer many firms are turning towards is content facilitated by technology

The number of global companies with recognised thought leadership, social selling and luminaries programs is growing exponentially. 

"People buy from people, not brands" is the old adage. Brands are increasingly giving their experts an opportunity to show what they know.  Their content is demonstrating value and differentiating their companies from the competition

Having that content available for sales then becomes invaluable for overcoming objections or developing relationships.

Improving the availability of quality content is quite a challenge in itself. Luckily technologies such as Passle are being adopted to enable busy thought leaders to produce content in a more timely, regular way.

The gap between sales and marketing isn’t as huge an issue as it used to be. Technology is certainly making things easier, with lead scoring and collaboration tools enabling sales to get involved with the marketing process. Yet many organisations are still struggling to close silo-minded thinking within sales and marketing culture. This is often because of a lack of technology adoption, but often it’s down to access to content.


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