In their report on 'Selling to the Modern B2B Buyer'Salesforce credit the rise of the "consensus sale" - wherein reps have to engage with a growing number of stakeholders - as one of the elements making the B2B sales process increasingly complex. Data from CEB suggests that the average buying group has expanded from 5.4 decision-makers to 6.8 in 2016, demonstrating the need for reps to navigate and manage more agendas and opinions. 


When planning your 2018 accounts, it is important to understand who the decision-makers are and how best to invest your time to maximise returns.

The SlideShare below provides a framework for illustrating: 

INFLUENCE: your influence over the decision-makers within the account

IMPACT: the decision-makers' impact on reaching your account-objectives

This exercise will enhance your contextual understanding of the accounts you are working, identifying where the opportunities are to leverage existing relationships, increase your influence, and move toward achieving your objectives.