During a morning session Jennifer Brooks and Brook Haughey of Hogan Lovells reviewed how they approach a marketing campaign with a brilliant template (image below). 

My takeaway is that this plan should be approached like any other business case. Focusing on how viable the campaign is and what the return will be. By doing this and focusing on data throughout the plan and execution it will allow the campaign to pivot as required. 

Here is a summary of how to plan your next campaign:

Phase 1 - build a strong foundation 

- Assess viability - is this important to your client/prospect and after the campaign do you the team of experts to follow-up?

- Identify firm differentiators - this will help highlight who to bring onboard as part of the campaign internally.

- Set your objectives - relationships, reputation or revenue. Use SMART goals. Link the goals to your objectives. 

- Draft an approach and craft the budget

Phase 2 - Make magic happen

- Build your internal coalition - Industry and practice group expert (Champion), who is meeting regularly (Generals) and develops actions and who is getting it done? 

- Plan your campaign - Identify your audience + pick your channels + decide what to produce + establish metrics for KPIs + Integrate the right tools + regroup, recalibrate and readjust = success 

- Execute and go to market

- Assess and recalibrate - constantly assess the KPIs and data. If a pivot is required then do so.