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In an industry where everyone uses the same pens, how do you stand out?

In Professional Services it is famously difficult to stand out. When your product is only created in reference to the needs of your clients, it is extremely difficult to pin down what the product is - let alone clearly show the differentiators. Hence the obsession in the marketing of professional service of creating 'trust'. 

Nonetheless, if firms prefer to fit in, rather than to stand out, it actually makes the buying process for any potential customer quite tricky. Everyone looks & sounds too similar (See my founder's short post here on just this very topic).

But all firms have something that makes them distinct.

You and your team are original and have individual personalities. The tricky bit is how to show your personality, what makes you unique and valuable, to your customers and do so online (this is where the nearly 2/3 of the buying process takes place before you are even aware the customer exists).

As such, content from your people that shows their best side will only add value to your business development and marketing campaign, positioning you as the go-to firm. 


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