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Brains, Brands & David Beckham's Package with Brian Macreadie

5 Things You (Marketers) Must Not Forget

1. Get Remembered

People remember big things, like where you were during a major event-  at Passle we refer to this as Hero Content. But you can't do Hero content all the time, so you need to do regular activity which reaches your customers and prospects. So, repetition leads to memory - familiarity and trust. It takes effort to build memories, they fade over time and need to be done regularly and often. This is what we call hub content and the third type of content is hygiene - your website, pdfs & white papers.  

2. Be Distinctive & Special 

Get noticed, then build associations, differentiate, what are you the leader in or best at doing? In order to be perceived as the thought leader in your industry you need to get your in house experts product regular content.

3. Eat, Sleep, Simple Message, Repeat - again & Again. This “hub” content needs to be produced regularly. 

4. Emotions - most of the time people are not in buying mode but emotions are the things that get past their natural barriers of focusing on something else. Emotional campaigns/ content works best over a long period of time, so get content that challenges the status quo and encourages debate and reactions.  

5. Popularity, the more decision makers and gatekeepers have a warm feeling the easier your job becomes. In any given market unless you are the market leader or the one with the most buzz, you will need to compete on price. 

Brian says don’t spend your efforts exclusively targeting specific individuals and neglect your brand. A strong Brand leads to success in ABM,  SEO and other marketing disciplines. 

Oh and the point (m)any of you may have read this for is that increasing the size of David Beckham's and other men’s packages in ads directly correlates to increased sales. 


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