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When should you post your content on LinkedIn or Twitter?

I had a phone call from a client today who asked for some advice on when to share her post to LinkedIn (and Twitter). 

My response was based on who she wanted to reach and when these people make decisions. 

Below, Deloitte point to data that shows consumption of LinkedIn/Twitter comes from the smartphone and that a high proportion of people (not sure who) check their phone in the morning.

On hearing who my client wanted to reach, I noted that these individuals are best served content (if it is relevant) to them first thing in the morning so it can help influence the decisions and conversations they have that day. 

In addition, successful routines typically start with making a list of things 'to do' the night before and therefore, if you take a client centric approach to your business, the content your produce should help solve these tasks for your intended audience. 

It goes without saying that if you do post content that's timely and relevant to the issues facing your target audience, it will drive increased engagement on these platforms, which result in higher exposure. Also note that research by ITSMA found that the content buyers value the most is original content authored by your people.

Paul Lee, head of research for technology, media and telecoms at Deloitte, comments: “Most people can relate to ‘smartphone zombies’, either through being one or bumping into one. But this is just one indication of just how infatuated we are with these devices, for better or worse. While we may be glued to our smartphones, it is important to acknowledge that these devices are also, increasingly, the glue that is binding society together, and will soon become the primary way to communicate, interact and transact with customers and fellow citizens.” More than a third (34%) of respondents look at their smartphones within five minutes of waking, and over half (55%) do so within a quarter of an hour. At the end of the day, more than three-quarters (79%) check their smartphones within the last hour before going to sleep.


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