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Faiz Rehman of Microsoft - enabling your team to be confident & comfortable online

During a great morning with the Bridge Agency, The Sales Enablement Experts, Faiz Rehman of Microsoft provided a helpful insight into how to prepare your team to be confident and comfortable online:

1. Have a clear idea of where you want this to go. Since you are taking these people on a journey it needs to have a goal and be step by step.

2. Review your profile online (LinkedIn). Make sure you have the right copy and it reflects how you want to talk to your customer, in order to do this you need to listen to your customer first. Edit past jobs so you position yourself as someone they want to connect with.

3. Build connections. When doing so, make sure you personalise and give a reason to connect. Sirius Decisions have found that Since 2011, year on year, the main reason salespeople have missed target has been due to failing to demonstrate value to buyers. Be targeted and personal.

4. Providing authentic, expert content for your team to share with their audience that they can personalise will help activate their presence.


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